Qualifications to Consider When Choosing a Furniture Mover


Are you relocating from one apartment to another or neighborhood to another? Certainly, the task of transporting furniture to your destination can be stressful without a proper plan. That’s why it makes sense to engage a professional for small moves in Tampa to get your furniture to the right place in great shape. Below are some vital qualifications that the best furniture mover must demonstrate:


Consider how long a mover has been practicing in your locality. Have they been around for 30+ years, or are they just starting to know the business? How many moves have they completed for the duration they’ve been in business? Go for a team that has a consistent reputation of professionalism and quality service for all the time they’ve offering the service.

Protection of Your Assets

Obviously, movement exposes furniture, electronics, and other household items to the risk of damage. As such, it has become a standard requirement for small movers to have insurance that covers a customer just case their property is damaged. So, find out if your assets, business, or home is protected so that you can be compensated accordingly in case of damage.

Workers Comp

The company you hire to move your items must have workers compensation insurance for its workers. In case the crew send to your home or business is injured while working for you, it’s the insurance policy, not you, that compensates them accordingly.


Choose a transporter with a fair and transparent pricing model. Of course, you’ll want to compare costs among several providers before reaching a final decision. Anyway, movers that charge by the hour may be preferred because the billing model is transparent and easy to work out.  Also, you may like the company to start the timer only after they’ve reached your doorstep. Typically, the timing ends after the last piece of furniture has reached its destination and you’re okay with the service.

Make sure all other applicable fees are known to you, if any. For example, there may be a service fee to cover different aspects like insurance, equipment, or even fuel. Just ask the transporter to be open about all fees at the outset.

Any company that’s ideal for small moves in Tampa can save the day when you need to transport your furniture safely and conveniently. As such, take your time to screen prospective small moves to ensure they’re insured and experienced.  Their pricing model must be transparent too.


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